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Our System

Dr. Howard Goodman's Rapid Safe and Forever Weight Loss System.

This is an all-natural, non-drug, non-surgical, doctor monitored program that is customized for each individual patient, based upon their weight, age, and other health conditions. It has been successful in helping thousands of patients lose weight, regain their health, and get their lives back for good.

Dr. Goodman has over 20 years of experience working with patients in his Park Avenue Manhattan location and now right here on Long Island.

How does my system work? Here is my process.

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Symptom Analysis
  • Blood Work Analysis
  • Detoxification to clean out your digestive system. This includes, infrared sauna to sweat out toxins, exercise with oxygen to increase workout efficiency, and detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage, and cellulite cleansing body wraps by our team of licensed aestheticians.
  • Stop addiction to cravings of sugar and processed foods
  • Educate you on how your body really works.
  • Identify emotional triggers and show you how to handle them (80%) of weight loss is emotional
  • Personally create and implement one on one exercise programs that I perform with you at the level that is right for your body
  • Re-educate you on how to cook with different healthier foods, so that you are never craving. cooking classes and thousands of recipes, so you never get bored
  • Unlimited personal phone contact with me personally 24/7 to ensure that you stay on track
  • Weekly in class and online support classes to ensure your success
  • Follow up with all blood testing, as well as working with your own doctor to make sure that we leave no stone unturned regarding your health. Our goal is to monitor and improve your health markers (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetic A1C number, and sleep quality)
  • Some of my special work is with people who have already had a gastric surgery and have regained the weight